Modeling the Social and Spatial Networks of Violent Extremist Organizations in Syria and Iraq University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • Over the last decades, new forms of organized political violence have emerged as non-state Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs) are now the predominant type of political actor in many regions around the world. The nature of VEO-driven conflicts is characterized by VEO partnerships with other VEOs and by a high level of transnational activity which pose challenges to the quantitative modeling of conflict in social science. This proposal requests funding support develop a new dataset that models both social network and spatial aspects of the war to better understand the dynamics of VEO-driven conflicts. Building on the PI’s work to develop an integrative analytic framework, this project can form the basis for a substantial future line of research that promises to yield better understandings of the processes that underpin contemporary conflicts. This proposal would fund creation of a new set of pilot data for manuscript and grant preparation, and partially support the recruitment, training, and mentoring of a graduate student. Both are critically important steps to developing a sustainable funding program around current needs and opportunities in quantitative social science.