Development of Video-Based and Other Automated Traffic Data Collection Methods Report uri icon



  • Traffic Tracker is a software program that enables you to collect and analyze time-based traffic flow data. The program allows you to design a data collection screen that is a graphical representation of the locationwhere you are collecting data. During the data collection process, you press a number or letter key (called a trigger) on the keyboard each time a particular traffic event occurs. Each time you press a trigger key, the current time is recorded in a data file. The key that you pressed is also recorded in the data file, so that you can distinguish between separate events. Once you have collected data using Traffic Tracker, you cananalyze the data in a variety of ways. 

    Traffic Tracker consists of three components. You design data collection screens (called Environments) inthe Environment Editor. You use these screens to collect data using the Data Collector. You then analyze the data using the Analysis Package.

publication date

  • February 2004



  • software; data collection


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  • N04-02