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The MRC Institute was one of the five original centers established at the University of Idaho in 1983 with the mission to expand the capabilities of electronics technology by specializing in the design of high performance integrated circuits. In 1996 the mission of the Institute was expanded to include other disciplines including avionics, simulation, autonomous underwater vehicles, battery technology, microwave ferrite technology, neural network technology and design, and computational neuroscience. Although the MRCI was primarily a research center bringing in from $5 to $10 million annually in externally funded research contracts, it also served the teaching mission of the University through research intern positions open to qualified undergraduate students. It was at one time one of the only Research Experience for Undergraduates in Neuroscience Sites funded by the National Science Foundation and it was the home Institute for the UI’s neuroscience research consortium. It was always a customer focused organization and built strong relationships with local and national industries as well as governmental agencies and national laboratories. Historically the Institute had some 35 faculty research members and regularly employed from around 60 to as many as 180 graduate and undergraduate students in various research and development positions. The Institute was officially disestablished by the UI Vice President of Research in 2011, although some of its former faculty members still maintain informal networking relationships in the name of the Institute and the MRCI’s old web site is still maintained by the University of Idaho College of Engineering and the University of Idaho Library. 


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  • January 1, 1983 - January 1, 2011