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The Tetonia Research and Extension Center is operated by the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences through the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. At 6,200 feet in elevation and in relative isolation, Tetonia’s location is ideal for producing potato and small-grain seed crops protected from the insects and diseases that threaten crops in other parts of the state.

Projects conducted at Tetonia:

  • Tetonia produces all of the seed potatoes and nearly 80 percent of the oat, wheat and barley seed made available to Northwest growers through the Idaho Foundation Seed Program.
  • Tetonia is the primary location in Idaho for breeding new varieties of spring barley, oats, hard red spring and winter wheats, and dryland and irrigated varieties of white wheat.
  • The USDA ARS–UI potato breeding program relies on Tetonia for testing promising new potato lines and for growing the potato seed used in tri-state (Idaho, Oregon, Washington) and western regional potato trials.
  • The majority of the university’s production of minitubers of new potato varieties takes place at Tetonia.


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  • Carter, Todd   Tetonia Research and Extension Center Superintendent