Latino New Converts to Islam and Spaniard New Converts to Islam: A Comparative Study University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • Religious identity has historically been attached to geographical location. However, immigration, displacements, and the information-technology era have allowed religious identity to transcend geographical barriers. The goal of my project is to: a) Document the factors that influence the conversion to Islam of two Spanish-speaking populations through a comparative study: Latinos living in the US and Spaniards living in Spain, specifically focusing on similarities in their conversion processes that are attributable to their culture and history; b) Examine how one individual's experience has reshaped and restructured his identity as a Latino/Spaniard Muslim. I plan to conduct 20 interviews with each group, as documenting these answers may spur dialogue on issues affecting conversion to Islam. Results of this study will be presented at the RRMLA (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association) and in an article-length manuscript. Given the timely nature of this topic, this research will lay the groundwork for pursuing additional funding opportunities.