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Students with degrees from the school pursue careers with advertising agencies, radio and television stations and networks, film and video production companies, cable and satellite operations, newspapers and magazines, other print and online media, and public relations firms. They also work as public information specialists for non-profit agencies, private corporations and within the government. Many graduates seek advanced degrees in law, public administration, strategic communication, and the humanities and social sciences.

Many students in the School of Journalism and Mass Media supplement their academic experience by working for the independent student media outlets on campus, including the Argonaut newspaper, the Blot magazine, and KUOI-FM. Students are also strongly encouraged to pursue internships at professional media organizations throughout the region.



  • faculty administrative position

  • faculty position

    • Bird, Kenton, Professor
    • Blevins, Katie, Associate Professor
    • Cieslik-Miskimen, Caitlin, Assistant Professor
    • Cleve, Moritz, Assistant Professor
    • Howerton, Kyle, Clinical Assistant Professor
    • Meeuf, Russell, Professor
    • Mosley, Glenn, Senior Instructor