Planning a Long Term Agricultural Project for Dryland Agroecosystems of the Inland Pacific Northwest Grant uri icon



  • The project will plan a Sustainable Agroecosystems Science Long- Term Agroecosystem Project (SAS-LTAP) for the Inland Pacific Northwest (IPNW). The region is threatened by severe soil erosion and declining soil organic matter, includes a diversity of agroecological and socioeconomic conditions that are unique to the region, but present opportunities for integrated understanding of principles requisite for successful management of agricultural soil organic carbon (SOC). Scientists and Extension educators from the University of Idaho, Washington State University and Oregon State University, in partnership with Agricultural Research Service scientists, and the region's agricultural industry are committed to developing this LTAP. The two-year Proof-of-Concept project has five components, each with separate objectives. Research: 1a. Refine the scientific framework, central hypotheses, and analytical approaches for the project. 1b. Employ state-of-the-art GIS-based approaches to define the agroecological zones included within the study region. Extension: 2. Develop an innovative extension education plan for the project. Education: 3. Develop the approaches for integrating the SAS-LTAP activities into K- 12, undergraduate and graduate education. Infrastructure: 4a. Establish the physical infrastructure for the project. 4b. Define the project cyberinfrastructure and mechanisms for its development and maintenance. Management and Assessment: 5a. Define the inter-institutional cooperation, reporting and management structure for the SAS-LTAP. 5b, Establish an evaluation and assessment plan for the envisioned SAS-LTAP. The LTAP will address several CSREES goals, especially Goal 4, "Enhance protection safety of the nation's agriculture and food supply," and Goal 6, "Protect and enhance the nation's natural resource based and environment."

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2011

total award amount

  • 200,000

sponsor award ID

  • IDA00906-CG