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  • The importance of that elusive and intangible thing we call leadership has been widely acknowledged by humankind for centuries. Yet, in all that time, it has resisted objective scientific definition. There are many people who glibly talk about it, apparently under the presupposition that everyone understands what they mean by the word. Almost all organizations try, in one way or another, to achieve "good leadership" within the organization. When they fail to do so, the two most common reactions to this failure are: (1) to bemoan the scarcity of good leadership; or (2) attempt to produce it through management training and personnel recruitment. It is commonplace to see "leadership ability" listed on job requisitions as a personal qualification of candidates for manager or supervisor jobs. 

     This book presents a social-natural theory of the phenomenon of leadership. Its principal thesis is that leadership is not an esoteric or mysterious human phenomenon. Rather, leadership is a group of organizational dynamic. The book discusses the psychology of leader's actions and follower's actions within the framework of a new theory of the phenomenon of mind. 

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  • January 1, 2010