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Lee T Ostrom Associate Dean


Lee T. Ostrom is a full-professor and academic director and associate dean in the College of Engineering in Idaho Falls. His doctorate is in industrial engineering from Texas Tech University in 1988. He worked 11 years for the Idaho National Laboratory in the Human Factors Group and came to the University of Idaho full-time in 2000. His primary interests are risk assessment, human factors ergonomics, and industrial safety and he has performed basic and applied research in these areas in the following domains:

  • Nuclear
  • Aviation
  • Weapons
  • Chemical Process
  • Food Processing
  • Alternative Fuels

He has performed research and applications work for:

  • The Department of Energy
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • NASA
  • Department of Defense
  • US Navy

He is:

  • Certified Safety Professional (#7689) by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  • Certified Professional Ergonomist (#188) by the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics
  • Certified Technology Manager (#5684), by the Associated of Technology Management and Applied Engineering
  • Certified Fire Inspector by the National Fire Protection Association
  • Past Radiation Safety Officer
  • Certified Competent Fall Protection Person, 2009 to 2011
  • Certified Private Pilot
  • First degree black belt, Songham Taekwondo

His hobbies are wood working, rocks and gems and gardening.

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