On the Derivation of an Applied Metaphysic Article uri icon



  • Every natural science, without exception, bases itself on some applied metaphysic. Today's sciences generally do so unwittingly, by which I mean they take their metaphysical foundations largely from some unscientific and quite personal pseudo-metaphysic the individual practicing scientist has developed in his own mind during the course of his lifetime with an addendum of some fractional metaphysic or pseudo-metaphysic that his scientific community has sanctioned as a paradigm for that field. Considering that this is the general situation, it is, strictly speaking, not correct to say any of the modern sciences are based on a scientific metaphysic. They are, rather, based on some disorganized and quixotic set of different ones that tend to work against the unified advancement of science in general and create antagonisms in interdisciplinary research.

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  • January 1, 2011