Characterization of the Saturated Condition Potential Evaporation and Evaporative Demand and their Implications in the Complementary Relationship Conference Paper uri icon



  • The Complementary Relationship (CR) between actual regional scale evaporation (ET) and apparent potential evaporation or evaporative demand (Eo) has elucidated our conceptual understanding of evaporative flux, despite a lack of rigorous proof of the concept. This presentation reviews the concept briefly, and describes significant historical advances, current progress and promising ideas. It covers complementarity, the energy budget, symmetry/asymmetry, scale issues of time and space, selection of regional-saturation-condition apparent potential evaporation (Epo) and Eo , advection, atmospheric boundary layer entrainment, and atmospheric stability. Recent work and findings by the authors regarding the value of the Priestley and Taylor α and its impact on Epo within CR, and of the implications of use of Penman’s evaporation equation versus other representations of Eo on the asymmetry of the CR will be discussed

publication date

  • December 18, 2015