A Professional Recording of the Songs of Dominick Argento University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • The field of classical music can appear to be based in the past, but in reality it is a thriving and ever-expanding world of new sounds, new ideas, and new personalities. Composers and performers have a symbiotic relationship—without one another, there is only silence. My passion as a professional classical singer is the “art song,” a term that describes solo songs with piano accompaniment. This is an intimate genre that grew out of the tradition of drawing room concerts and into the modern-day recital hall. It is an amalgam of poetry, music, and drama.

    I propose to fund the recording and publication of an album of the art songs of American composer Dominick Argento on the nationally-known Centaur Records label. Mr. Argento is a world-renowned living master of the art song genre. This recording would be a major boon for my research agenda, as well as for our voice and choral department as we expand our regional and national reputation. Performers on this recording project will include myself as the baritone soloist, UI adjunct voice teacher Lexa Ferrill as the mezzo-soprano soloist, and UI piano professor Rajung Yang as the pianist.