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Bruce Haglund Distinguished Professor of Architecture


Bruce Haglund has been an architecture professor at the University of Idaho since 1982, involved in teaching, research, and continuing education. Haglund’s current interests, which build on over thirty years of experience, focus on sustainable and regenerative architectural design and its effects on buildings and occupants. He is past-president and current newsletter editor of the Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE). Professor Haglund enjoyed a profound sabbatical leave as a scholar in residence at Ove Arup R&D in London. He now leads biannual studies abroad courses in the U.K. for Idaho architecture graduate students. He's currently working on studio projects that encourage sustainable building on campus and in the region. The on-going Daylighted Artificial Sky project has won a UI Seed Grant and involved over 30 student researchers in its design, construction, and testing, as well as presenting the work to professional audiences in Denver, Madrid, Lima, Copenhagen, and Honolulu.




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