U.S. Latinas in The Fields, Prisons or College: A Path to Integration or Track To Marginalization University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • The goal of my project is to document the factors influencing how some Latina women from similar lower socio-economic backgrounds can pursue a college education, while others take employment in agricultural fields and yet, a different subset become imprisoned. To do so, I plan to conduct twelve personal interviews of U.S. Latinas: I will interview four college students, four prison inmates and four agricultural field workers. I am interested in studying these three paths, that while not the only alternatives available to these fastest growing minority, seem pervasive to this group. Moreover, I am keeping the initial number of interviews low so that I might be certain of completing this work in the year the Seed Grant allows. Documenting these responses is both important and urgent work as this information may spur dialogue on the issues affecting these women. The work I conduct should lead to academic, creative publications and additional funding and learning opportunities to continue this much needed research.