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Research Computing and Data Services (RCDS) is the central provider of research computing infrastructure and services for the University of Idaho. We provide investigators with state-of-the-art high performance computing (HPC) for use in modeling, analysis, and management of research data. We support an advanced mix of parallel clusters, customized virtual machines, and powerful stand-alone servers. RCDS can manage complex data storage requirements of UI researchers with exceptionally high performance and reliability.

RCDS staff help investigators develop and host tools that may include databases, web/mobile interfaces, data dashboards, data visualizations, and interactive maps. RCDS operates the UI's curated data repository and we can help projects manage, share, curate, and disseminate research data.

RCDS was established by merging the former IBEST Computational Resources Core (CRC) with the IBEST Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN) to provide a single campus-wide resource for multi-disciplinary research computing support.



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