Rockfall Hazard Classification and Mitigation, Phases II-III Grant uri icon



  • Several Western states have instituted rockfall hazard rating and mitigation programs in line with recent FHWA guidelines (FHWA National Highway Institute Course Nos. 130220 and 13219, 1993-94). The goals of such programs are to identify and prioritize rockfall hazard sites, so that mitigation funds can be allocated efficiently and to improve highway conditions for enhanced safety and rockfall maintenance.

    Similar work is proceeding in Idaho with Phase 1 and 2 of this project, where rockfall hazards have been initially inventoried and evaluated, and an ACCESS-2000 database developed for ITD use. However, this self-contained database cannot be readily updated, expanded, and easily accessed by ITD personnel from throughout the state, so the database should be ported to a new ITD intranet web-based system (likely based on Sequel Server SQL programming platform). Rockfall mitigation cost information has been obtained from neighboring states and also should be organized into the proposed intranet computer database. Additional field surveys (rockfall hazard ratings) need to be completed in all the Districts and the computer work needs to be completed in order for a systematic protocol for rockfall hazard mitigation to be put in place for ITD users.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2001 - January 1, 2003

total award amount

  • Total cost of the project, including UI matching funds, was $91,960.

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  • KLK466