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  • This standard research proposal submitted to the FY 2016 NIFA/AFRI Tools and Resources program requests funding that will underpin the Ovine FAANG Project. The proposal has been fully vetted by the International Sheep Genomics Consortium (ISGC), which identifies the Ovine FAANG Project as the next logical resource needed for mining information from the sheep genome.Each component of the ovine project has been carefully designed around principles and priorities of the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes (FAANG) Consortium, including the collection of 100 tissue samples from Benz 2616, a 7-year-old Rambouillet ewe, and the assays that will be conducted by project members who have expertise and experience with the experimental protocols. Raw data generated from these assays will be deposited in the DCC public data repository maintained by EMBL-EBI (Cambridge), as requested by the FAANG Consortium, with unrestricted public access through designated portals.The Ovine FAANG Project also includes the annotation of transcriptome data onto the most current version of the ovine genome reference assembly, which is a de novo assembly constructed from the DNA sequence of Benz 2616 (K. Worley, PD). The resulting annotated genome will be publicly available through the NCBI and ENSEMBL genome browsers.This NIFA proposal is a request to fund a portion of the total data encompassed within the Ovine FAANG Project. Additional contributions to the project include transcriptome datasets and sequencing obtained with other funding, as well as time and effort of personnel who will undertake QC analyses of the datasets, annotation of the sheep assembly and training on the use of data.The datasets and annotated genome assembly resulting from the Ovine FAANG Project will accelerate searches for genetic regions and genes influencing phenotypes in sheep, as well as facilitate comparative studies across the genomes of ruminant and other species.

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  • 2017 - 2020