Development of Enhancements to the API Software Tool (AutoPayItem) Grant uri icon



  • The University of Idaho and the Idaho Transportation Department have jointly developed a software tool, AutoPayItem (API), which keeps track of pay items for a highway project. The project has been beta-tested by ITD staff and is planned for implementation in 2001. ITD desires to modify the software tool to include several enhancements. The purpose of this project is to develop, test and implement enhancements to the API software tool.

    Also see KLK666, AutoPayItem

    Task 1: Software requirements: Prepare a memorandum that summarizes the requirements for this project. This memorandum will be prepared by the consultant and NIATT and reviewed and approved by Idaho Transportation Department. Task 1 will be completed before the remainder of the task will be undertaken

    Task 2: Sidebar Summary Capsule/Text: Rewrite the sidebar summary so that it will work at any scale. The new code will be modular and well commented.

    Task 3: Build prototype: Build a prototype to determine if the desire dynamic pay item functionality is possible. Complete the prototype and integrate it into API.

    Task 4: Training: Review final design and code with NIATT software development staff and provide training on related MDL issues.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2001

total award amount

  • Total project cost, including UI matching funds, was $11,526

local award ID

  • KLK476