Mechanism of butyrate action on gene expression in rumen tissue University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • This study will investigate the mechanisms by which butyrate affects cell division in epithelial tissue. Unregulated cell division is a hallmark of cancer diseases, so the regulation of cell division remains an on-going interest. Previous research demonstrated butyrate, a natural fermentation product from fiber digestion in the rumen and colon, affects expression of many genes involved in cell division. Our understanding of the mechanistic workings of butyrate remains limited. Butyrate directly affects expression of HDAC, which affects expression of a large number of genes, and it is also also an energy substrate and an acid. Using young calf rumens as a model, this proposal will investigate how cell division is affected by acidity, energy availability and genome regulators. Expected outcomes of this project are a peer-reviewed publication, presentation at a major conference, and preliminary data for use in applying for an NSF grant. This experiment will leverage considerable startup funds used to purchase Ussing Chambers and peripheral equipment, and use the Ussing chambers to effectively isolate the rumen tissue and remove many confounding variables normally present in live animals.