Monitoring and Modeling Subgrade Soil Moisure for Pavement Design and Maintenance in Idaho, Phase III: Data Collection and Management Grant uri icon



  • Recent projects conducted at NIATT with regard to pavement design systems identified the need for measuring seasonal moisture, temperature and frost variation and predicting the associated variation of the modulus of resilience to subgrade soils as well as for other pavement layers. The assessment of these environmental variations of pavement materials and subgrade soils is instrumental in developing a mechanistic-based design system. In the first phase of this project, an investigation was conducted to select a cost effective and durable instrumentation system for measuring these variables. Phase 2 of the project was dedicated to instrument sites in the northern region of the state. Phase 3 will provide support for data collection and analysis and to establish the seasonal shift factors for mechanistic-based pavement design. 

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2000 - January 1, 2003

total award amount

  • Total cost of this project, including UI matching costs, was $197.135.

local award ID

  • KLK459