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Imagine a place where students are excited about school. Envision students participating in learning experiences where forests are the classroom and nature is the textbook. Picture an outdoor school where students are stimulated by their surroundings, where they experience personal growth and creativity, all while exploring the science of ecology. 

The McCall Outdoor Science School is a program of the University of Idaho’s College of Natural Resources. The School and its partners foster scientific literacy, enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue through graduate and professional education, youth science programs, seminars, conferences, and leadership development initiatives. Founded in 2001, MOSS instantly became the only publicly operated K-12 residential outdoor school in the entire state of Idaho. 
The mission of the McCall Outdoor Science School is to facilitate place-based, collaborative science inquiry within the context of Idaho's land, water and communities. We provide experiential learning opportunities among students, educators, scientists and citizens to foster the critical thinking skills necessary to address complex problems.