Exploring Pedagogies of Information Literacy Learning and Transfer University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • Information Literacy is a lifelong learning competency desired by employers and embedded in the University of Idaho learning outcomes. This seed grant will support the exploration of two resources to support information literacy development at the University of Idaho. The first is the adoption of an online tool called the Research Companion to support classroom learning about information competencies. The second resource will be the development of a community-oriented information literacy curriculum and technology kit to assist in transferring these skills beyond the classroom. The use of these resources will be assessed for their student learning impact using pre/post testing and the development of a research agenda by the primary investigator.

    The purpose of this research project is explore more deeply information literacy education efforts at the University of Idaho. This project will result in the development of new pedagogies both online and in the classroom, as well as a community-based curriculum that can assist other educators in the transfer of learning outcomes into real-world concepts. Further, this project will create a series of quantitative and qualitative datasets from which the primary researcher can build research-oriented expertise and scholarship in information literacy theories and pedagogy.