Engine and Vehicle Demonstrations on Aquanol Fuel Report uri icon



  • Aqueous fuels have the potential for lower emissions and higher engine efficiency than can be experienced with gasoline or diesel fuels. Past attempts to burn aqueous fuel have been unsuccessful due to difficulties in initiating combustion. We adapted and used catalytic igniter technology developed by Automotive Resources, Inc. (Sandpoint, Idaho) to successfully ignite aqueous mixtures in both gasoline and diesel engine conversions. Detailed understanding of the catalytic ignition is necessary to design for optimal ignition timing. A MATLAB model has been written to perform studies on ignition timing and behavior. Improvements were made this year in our engine and vehicle test facilities that are necessary to quantify improvements of our conversion platforms. Test plans for stationary small engine testing and over the road vehicle testing have been formulated and are currently underway. The information gained in this research will enable future conversions to achieve higher efficiencies and lower emissions than currently possible on existing platforms. 

publication date

  • February 2001



  • alternative fuels; catalytic ignition; public transit; aquanol


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  • Budget Number KLK 318