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The Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Nematology works to discover safe and healthy ways to protect our food and resources from pests and disease while also protecting our natural ecosystems. We are unique among universities in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West in offering a bachelor’s degree with a major in entomology.

Faculty Research Areas



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    • Cook, Stephen P, Professor
    • Dandurand, Louise-Marie C, Research Associate Professor
    • Duellman, Kasia M, Assistant Professor
    • Eigenbrode, Sanford D, University Distinguished Professor 2006 -
    • Hafez, Saad, Professor
    • Hamilton, Chris A, Assistant Professor
    • Karasev, Alexander V, University Distinguished Professor
    • Lewis, Edwin, Professor
    • Luckhart, Shirley, Professor
    • Schroeder, Brenda K, Associate Research Professor
    • Schwarzl√§nder, Mark, Professor
    • Wenninger, Erik J, Professor
    • Wharton, Phillip S, Associate Professor
    • Woodhall, James W, Assistant Professor
  • non-faculty academic position