Advanced Vehicle Concepts Team: Phase I--Electric Vehicle Design and Fabrication Grant uri icon



  • The Advanced Vehicle Concept Team (AVCT) is a student-centered club dedicated to the building and running of hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles. The goal of the team this year is to construct and race an all-electric vehicle at the All Electrics Race to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, in March 1999. The team will also be maintaining NIATT’s hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) for local and national demonstrations. Future goals of the club include an invitation to participate in the FutureCar competition. This competition has the objective of developing vehicles to meet the efficiency goals of the Partnership for a New Generation Vehicle (PNGV) set out by Vice-President Al Gore and others. Our vehicles are also used as demonstration platforms for the Center for Clean Vehicle Technologies (CCVT). The team, with approximately thirty undergraduate student members, is advised by Dr. Don Blackketter, Dr. Steve Beyerlein, and Dr. Dean Edwards. A final goal of this project is to develop platforms on which vehicle technologies can be implemented and tested.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 1999 - January 1, 2001

local award ID

  • KLK302