Vegetation Management Practices and Training for Soil Stability, Erosion Control and Slope Maintenance Grant uri icon



  • Surface erosion, sedimentation, and shallow-seated slope failures in Idaho present a significant challenge to roadway construction and maintenance. Soil losses from such slopes deplete an important natural resource, induce excessive maintenance such as ditch and culvert clean-outs, and may cause adverse effects on the quality of surface waters in the state. Road construction and maintenance activities throughout the state are requiring greater attention to erosion and sediment control concerns due to regulatory, environmental, and economic pressures. This project is designed to evaluate existing and new revegetation technologies on areas affected by highway construction for purposes of erosion control, slope stabilization as well as to provide a vehicle to help train those who are directly and indirectly involved with this function. Techniques that will facilitate establishment of desired perennial vegetation will also be tested and evaluated on areas affected by road construction. The proposed research will help ITD address specific revegetation site requirements and determine the most effective ways to provide for the long term establishment of desirable perennial vegetation to reduce surface erosion, sedimentation and slope failure.      

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2000 - January 1, 2001

total award amount

  • The total cost of this project, including UI matching funds, was $58,113.

local award ID

  • KLK462