Investigation of Physiological Mechanism For Linking Field Synapses Report uri icon



  • This paper discusses the implementation of linking field synapses into the Wilson model of cortical neurons. To our knowledge nobody has investigated the effects of implementing such synapses into biologically accurate models of neural networks. The reason for this investigation is to propose a biologically accurate model for synchronization observed in the visual cortex of cats by Reinhard Eckhorn (Eckhorn 1990). Eckhorn has previously modeled this phenomenon using a linking field (LF) that links several neurons together to facilitate “group firing”, and as such, synchronization. The Eckhorn model is abstract and distance from biological parameters. The model is successful at modeling synchronization but not in a biologically-known manner. The main objective in our investigation is to take the LF from Eckhorn’s model and apply it to the Wilson model to achieve biologically interpretation of parameters while keeping the synchronization phenomenon intact

publication date

  • January 1, 2006