On Critical Representation in Brain Theory, Part II: General Schema of Knowledge Representation Article uri icon



  • This is the concluding paper in my series [Wells (2011c, d)] on the metaphysical problem of knowledge representation. Its objective is the statement of the general problem to be solved in order to develop mathematical solutions for mind-body knowledge representation. With such a problem definition, the transition from metaphysics to empirical science proper is made. The task of formulating specific solutions then belongs to a special natural science I call Critical psychophysics. The metaphysical solution provides a general solution schema as a template or roadmap for solving the knowledge representation problem. As experienced system engineers know quite well, coming up with a precise mathematical statement of what one wants to do is usually a far more challenging task than coming up with how to do it. This is the case for the knowledge representation problem.

publication date

  • January 1, 2011