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  • The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is interested in developing two new software tools to improve the efficiency of the highway lighting and signalization design process. ITD currently performs road lighting/signalization design with the MicroStation CADD design program, plus two specialized software tools. These tools each have disadvantages: 

    • The GTE Aladdin software suggests a pattern of light fixture placement so the designer can decide where lights should be located. However, the program uses data from an idealized straight road. As a result, the designer has to adjust the pattern to the road characteristics of the current design, adding additional time to the design process.
    • The proprietary ITD software calculates minimum wire gauges for the designer. This program creates no output file, and it sometimes generates illogical results.
    • In addition, both packages are DOS-based. They cannot be used from within MicroStation, adding even more time to the design process. And, on some Windows NT or Unix environments, they cannot be used at all. 

    The University of Idaho’s National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology (NIATT) contracted with ITD to conduct two research projects:

    1. NIATT is developing a software tool that runs within MicroStation and provides lighting circuitry graphics and also calculates the minimum wire gauges for various electrical circuits in illumination and signalization
    2. NIATT has researched the feasibility of developing a software tool that provides complete computer aided road lighting design, also within MicroStation.

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  • November 1999



  • highway design; street lighting


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    ITD Contract FC#97-50 

    NIATT Report #99-06 

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