Masticated Fuels and Carbon Storage: Effects of Particle Size and Fuel Moisture on Black Carbon Production Grant uri icon



  • Currently stand-level carbon assessments have not included the fraction of biomass converted to black carbon during a fire event. This proposal builds off a current research project evaluating the effects of repeated burning of masticated fuels have on long-term black carbon storage. Custom masticated fuel beds have been constructed to burn and quantify black carbon production. We propose additional research to include the testing of two additional variables potentially influencing black carbon production rates, 1) fuel bed particle sizes mixtures and 2) fire intensity through changes in fuel moisture. This research will improve our understanding how specific fire and fuels variables influence black carbon production.

date/time interval

  • August 2011 - July 2012

total award amount

  • $24,919

sponsor award ID

  • 11-3-1-30