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The Department of Movement Sciences in the College of Education at University of Idaho promotes healthy active living though undergraduate programs in Dance,Exercise Science & HealthPhysical Education Teacher Education, and Recreation. Our graduate programs include a Master of Education in Physical Activity Pedagogy, and Masters of Science in Movement and Leisure Science, with emphases in exercise science and healthrecreation, and physical activity pedagogy, and Athletic Training. We also offer several doctoral programs, with the option of a PhD in Physical Activity Pedagogy & Character EducationDoctor of Athletic Training (the first program of its kind in the USA!), and a PhD in Education with an Exercise Science & Health emphasis.

This department is the only place where you can study physical activity and play for a healthy, productive, and sustainable lifestyle.  We want to inspire you to develop a healthier you through play, and to learn how to take a playful and active spirit to your family, your workplace, and your community.

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