Olympus Fluoview 1000 Confocal/multiphoton microscope Equipment uri icon



  • A variety of objective lenses, including oil and water immersion, allow for viewing of slides, open well dishes and flow cells on the upright Olympus system.  A motorized stage provides quick scanning of large areas.  Spectral overlap is also easily resolved by control of the width of emission in the final filter.  The efficient detectors provide fairly quick acquisition times.

    Olympus Fluoview 1000 Confocal/Multiphoton microscope technical specifications:

    • Microscope platform – upright (BX61). Accepts slide mounted material and open culture dishes or biofilm flow cells.

    • Magnification options for slide samples - 10X, 20X, 60X. 

    • Magnification options for wet samples - 20X, 40X, 60X. 

    • Laser excitation options for confocal imaging - 405, 440, 488, 515, 559 and 635nm wavelengths.

    • Laser excitation options for multiphoton imaging – tunable Coherent near-IR laser from 690-1040nm wavelengths.

    • 3 fluorescent channels, 1 transmitted/DIC channel
    • Acquisition software - FluoView ASW

    Visit the IBEST/OIC website for rates and method of access.



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