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The Center for Modeling Complex Interactions (CMCI) has created the intellectual, cultural, and physical environment to foster synergy in interdisciplinary biomedical research. It brings together modelers and empirical scientists to address problems across all levels of biological organization, from biophysical to ecological. Research groups focus on specific questions while interacting with CMCI postdoctoral scientists who devote full-time effort to collaborative modeling.

The focal point of CMCI is the Collaboratorium, a space and a culture for collaborative modeling. More than a dozen Working Groups meet weekly in the Collaboratorium, which is equipped with AV equipment to facilitate remote meetings. In addition, CMCI provides support for a seminar series co-hosted with the Institute for Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Studies, a weekly Brown Bag Lunch for interactions among teams, and support for proposal submissions and grant management. CMCI also supports a Pilot Grant program and Modeling Access Grants.

CMCI is located in the Integrated Research and Innovation Center (IRIC) at the University of Idaho which opened in 2017 to facilitate discovery-based or interdisciplinary research across a broad spectrum of science, engineering, and other disciplines. The total space in IRIC assigned to CMCI is over 3,000 sq ft. This includes 6 offices that house the Director, Deputy Director, staff and 4 postdocs (660 sq ft); the Collaboratorium (620 sq ft); wet lab space for CMCI-related projects (840 sq ft); an additional dry lab that can house up to a dozen postdocs and graduate students involved in modeling (820 sq ft); and 8 open office spaces for undergraduates (160 sq ft). In addition to this assigned space, we will have access to a shared kitchen area, conference rooms, and many additional interaction spaces.

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