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Richard B Wells Emeritus Professor: Electrical & Computer Engineering, Neuroscience


My principal research is presently centered on important applications of the Critical Philosophy and the new science of the phenomenon of mind, which I call "mental physics." One major aspect of this research is the important contribution made to it by epistemology-centered metaphysics.

My main focus right now is on the application of the principles of mental physics to transform the social sciences into social-natural sciences capable of achieving causative explanations which are par with the physical-natural sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, and their derivative sciences. Important results have been obtained for social contract theory, the theory of leadership, social-natural psychology, social-natural sociology and the social-natural science of education. For my publications click the link to the technical documents below.

I also do research involving mathematical and computer modeling of physical systems with applications to computational neuroscience, biological signal processing, and cognitive computing systems.


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