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  • Under the BRIN program faculty development was central to enhancing infrastructure at each University.  Seed grants were provided to faculty who were pursuing new areas of biomedical research.  Idaho State University (ISU) and Boise State University (BSU) provided release time for faculty so that they could devote more time to research.  At the University of Idaho (UI) funds were used to continue providing start-up for new faculty.  Under INBRE less funding is available for faculty development at the UI and ISU, the greater part of funding invested in colleges associated with the Network of Research Partners.  At the UI we have developed a distinguished seminar speakers program, wherein internationally known speakers come to campus with the added expectation of developing new collaborative links with our faculty.  Also at the UI seven seed grants were awarded to established researchers who were seeking new interdisciplinary collaborations.  ISU continues its Interactive Grant Writing Program, Mini-sabbatical grants, Biomedical Seminar Series and Visiting Scientist Program.   Among the Network of Research Partners, BSU is the largest University and has developed several faculty development programs: 1) The Proteomics Research Core established under BRIN continues to be expanded and supported under INBRE; 2) New faculty are being hired with an emphasis on research.  This includes a biophysicist and a computer scientist; 3) Faculty now have access to Bioinformatics tools and training; and 4) Curriculum plans are underway for a Biomolecular Sciences Doctoral program. At Albertson College of Idaho: 1) Three Magnet PIs were supported, one left for a position in Maryland and one left his change in focus to become a Student Research Mentor; 2) Each Magnet PI hadat least five students working with him/her; 3) Equipment purchased under INBRE supports an investigative approach to teaching; 4) Bioinformatics is now available in both research and teaching; and 5) Faculty and students are collaborating with researchers at other institutions. At Northwest Nazarene University: 1) One Magnet PI and three collaborators have been supported by INBRE and two new Magnet PIs joined mid-year; 2) Bioinformatics is becoming fully integrated into the research labs and classrooms; 3) Faculty release is provided to do research and to train students in the lab; 4) The Annual Faculty/Student Science Retreat continues under INBRE; and 5) faculty participate in various workshops and seminar programs.

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  • May 1, 2007 - April 30, 2008

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  • 5P20RR016454-07