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Marta Boris Tarre Associate Professor of Spanish


Marta Boris Tarre, is originally from Barcelona and holds a doctorate in Romance Languages from the University of Alabama with a specialization in Iberian literature culture and language. She is currently an assistant professor of Iberian studies at the University of Idaho where she teaches Iberian literature, cinema and courses such as Spanish for the professions and medical Spanish. Her research interests are Hispanic cinema and literature twentieth and twenty-first centuries, female migrations, trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, cultural perceptions between the West and Middle East and religious conversions, for which she has several publications in journals. She is part of the editorial board of Puente Atlántico, where she has also published. Professor Boris Tarré has more than twelve years of experience teaching Spanish language, literature and culture at all levels.

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research overview

  • Focus Areas

    • Cultural perceptions between the Middle East and West
    • Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
    • Migrations
    • Spanish for the Professions


teaching overview

  • Courses

    • FLEN 404: Representation and Reality in Spanish Cinema
    • SPAN 101, 102, 103: Elementary Spanish
    • SPAN 201, 202: Intermediate Spanish
    • SPAN 305: Civilizations and Cultures of Spain
    • SPAN 310: Spanish for the Professions
    • SPAN 356: Spanish Writing and Composition
    • SPAN 401: Readings in Peninsular Literature
    • SPAN 412: Peninsular Short Fiction
    • SPAN 420: Spanish Cinema and Immigration
    • SPAN 420: Twentieth Century Peninsular Theater
    • SPAN 501: Spanish for Health Providers



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  • Marta Boris Tarre