Frequently Asked Questions

What is University of Idaho VIVO?

VIVO is a discovery tool that enables anyone to find experts, research papers, and research services at the University of Idaho.

Who maintains the data in VIVO?

The data is maintained by staff and faculty at the University of Idaho Library.

What is the source for profile information?

Profile data are compiled from University of Idaho systems and trusted sources, including Banner and the University of Idaho website. Publications come from trusted, publicly available sources such as Web of Science, PubMed, NSF, and USDA.

How do I edit my profile?

If you do not already have a login for VIVO, please contact Jeremy Kenyon and he will set one up for you. You can also designate a proxy as needed. Once you are logged in, search for your name in the search box, then click 'Manage this Profile' button to edit your profile.

How do I change the publications listed?

On your profile, click the + button next to publications to add new citation data to your profile. You can also click 'Manage Publications' to select which publications to display. Alternately, you can send an updated CV to Jeremy Kenyon and he will update the list for you.

Can I designate a proxy to edit my profile?

Yes. In your profile, click the 'Manage this Profile' button, then click the 'Add Delegate' button. Type the person's name in the search box and click search. When you find them, click the + sign to add them as a delegate. Contact Jeremy Kenyon for more information.

How often is VIVO updated?

Weekly, depending on the data available and the workload of the harvesters.

How can I get more answers about my VIVO profile?

Get in touch with Jeremy Kenyon or Thomas Wilson.